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Is this the end of ‘Bricks and Mortar’?

We’ve been wondering the last months: will COVID-19 be the end of the traditional bricks and mortar era of business? Not a new idea, of course, but a persistent one nonetheless. In the short term, yes — due to the social distancing measures that have forced business closures. For the longer term, while it may..

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The remote office – the future of agency life?

Many of you reading this will be doing so from your home office, joining millions who have implemented a work-from-home (WFH) as part of the collective effort to limit the spread of COVID-19.  Many teams will find it difficult to migrate their ‘on-site’ workplace ‘off-site’. And while these measures may seem overwhelming and a challenge,..

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Trends: Is Irish making a comeback?

irish weather man

It seems like an odd thing to say in 2018 and something a lot of people never thought would be ‘a thing’, but it appears that Irish is making a comeback. We see Irish making an appearance every now and again in different formats such as  “The Guard’ or the very famous advert for Carlsberg…

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