Author: Sinead McDonald

When the bandwagon slows down: The demise of the doughnut in Cork

We were all witness to it, we all heard about it, but very few people really believed it. Within the last year in Cork city, it seemed like every day reports were surfacing of yet another doughnut shop opening up. ‘Another one?’ we exclaimed, in disbelief. ‘How many is that now…37?’ Huckleberry Doughnuts, headed by..

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Vacancy: Dyjaho Marketing Internship

Are you newly-graduated and looking for a career in marketing and advertising? Well, we might have just the ticket… We’re looking for a passionate, hard-working and creative intern here at Dyjaho HQ. No experience required, just a good head on your shoulders, a genuine interest in digital marketing and social media, and an eagerness to..

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Right time, right place: Understanding reactive marketing

Cork City Soccer players celebrate

When it comes to marketing strategies, reactive marketing can be a difficult nut to crack. There are many nuanced and time sensitive elements involved, and one wrong step could mean the difference between a viral hit and a non-starter. So, what is reactive marketing? Dyjaho’s Head of Content, Simon Murdoch, describes it as ‘real time..

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