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Vacancy: Digital Account Manager

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This is your chance to join a thriving, dynamic and expert team! We have an immediate vacancy for a Digital Account Manager based in our offices at 4 Carey’s Lane, in the heart of Cork City. CV’s and cover letter should be sent to by 5 pm on Monday, July 17th. Our location is surrounded..

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3 brands killing it on Facebook right now

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Mark Zuckerberg’s juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! Despite the global uptake on new social platforms and updates to existing ones, Facebook remains one of the most powerful tools for brands and companies to engage and connect with their target market. A ridiculous number of businesses worldwide have a Facebook page –..

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It’s time to think sexy images…..

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Image porn. Yep that’s where we’re going with this….. don’t X out just yet… it’s not what you think! Social media is built on visuals. Your marketing and advertising needs to include incredibly appetizing, enticing, tempting, alluring, attractive images of your product or brand! Certain industries such as fashion, retail and food certainly lend themselves..

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How much are Instagram influencers charging per post?

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There’s no doubt that influencer marketing is on the rise, with large brands hiring Instagram users with large followings to create and publish posts promoting their products. With 700 million users it’s a big brand boosting lever… It is an exceptional marketing channel if done well! These influencers are not necessarily part of the Kardashian family, or..

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4 Social media stats that caught our attention this week!

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  1.We’re snapping. According to research carried out by a student loans company, 58% of the 9,381 millennials it surveyed said they would usually open up a Snapchat before Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you’re target market are in their teens and twenties, and you’re not broadcasting to them via Snapchat, then get on that..

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