Author: Bláthnaid King

Basic HTML Everyone Should Know

HTML, dyjaho, marketing, content creation

Online content creation has become a central element to marketing and communications. Often times, content marketers and writers are creating content for web with little to no knowledge of formatting. Although HTML might sound like a foreign concept, there are a few quick tips that everyone should learn to make sure they can write the..

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DYJAHO announces strategic alliance with IPG Mediabrands Ireland

Thursday 29th June 2017 : Cork based marketing agency DYJAHO today announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with IPG Mediabrands Ireland, one of this country’s biggest creative media agencies. As a result, DYJAHO will provide a new, truly integrated, full-service digital communications offering that is new to the region and which was previously only available..

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How to Handle a Scandle: A Guide to Crisis Management Online

crisis management, dyjaho, online, digital marketing, PR

What do Pepsi and United Airlines have in common? The common denominator among the two is that they failed spectacularly in crisis management online in 2017. Pepsi’s poorly thought-through ad campaign featuring Kendall Jenner and United Airlines’ terrible treatment of a paying passenger seem easy to condemn in hindsight, but it’s important to address how..

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