IG TV is here (Instagram TV)

So. ANOTHER way for you to spend endless hours staring at your phone. Instagram have launched IGTV, giving users the ability to upload videos up to an hour in length.

It’s no secret that they are ‘taking on’ YouTube, giving creators/influencers the ability to upload longer videos vertically (straight from smartphone)

Media publishers and big name celebs have already taken to it, with the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Kim Kardashian and .. er… Philip Schofield already contributing specific IGTV content.

You can access IGTV from within your instagram app or you can download the stand-alone IGTV app from today.
True to Instagram’s origins and purpose, IGTV is mobile-first and is built for how users actually shoot video on their smartphones: vertical and full-screen.

IGTV, instagram's newest feature

“I’m an advertiser, what does this mean?” Well, insta CEO Kevin Systrom has said that there will be no ads on IGTV ‘at first’ but this will obviously evolve to enable creators to make a living off the platform.

It will be interesting to see how this evolves, and how it will be moderated. Will brands be OK for their ads to sit next to lots of ‘throw it up for the craic’ user-generated videos? Will it become a new home for fake news? We’ll be keeping an eye on it for sure. What are your thoughts?