May Bank Holiday Weekend 2018, Cork City.

The sun was splitting the stones as the crowds swelled along the river. Plastic Carlsberg glasses graced the hands of most adults, as well as a few crafty teenagers who were after lying to their parents to go gatting in a field before the concert. Music blared from bars throughout the city, buses milled from Lapp’s Quay and incessant chattering spoke periodically of the buzz, the weather and Ed Sheeran.

Crowds at The Sextant Cork

May Bank Holiday Weekend 2018, which will forever go down in history as the weekend Ed Sheeran came to town, opened up a door for Cork City which everyone was delighted to walk through. The potential of Cork as a small but capable community to cater for such large events was unleashed and the buzz of possibilities for the future spread from person to person like a catchy tune. Pairc Uí Chaoimh have only to be commended for their amazing efforts in pulling off this event. People took to social media complementing security guards, the Gardaí, and event organisers whose combined effort made for a carefree experience for concert goers.

Crowds mill into the city centre after the Ed Sheeran Concert on Saturday night

Attracting such large numbers of ‘out of towners’ aka ‘blow ins’ also meant big bucks for many other industries, most noticeably the hospitality industry. Publicans cleaned up over the weekend serving food and drink to wanting customers. The retailers availed of the great weather and heightened number of young people. The Hotels, B&Bs and hostels were full to the brim. Taxis, buses, ice-cream shops, restaurants and convenience shops all made a pretty penny, to name a few.


Overall, it was a fantastic weekend to do business in the city centre and like many more, we here at Dyjaho are looking forward to what is to come next.