If, like us here at Dyjaho, you are heeding the warnings from our National Weather Forecaster, and staying in this snowy day, then you will no doubt be on the lookout for things to do (that is of course if you’re not lucky enough to be able to work from home *shakes fist at computer*). So we’ve compiled a list of things you can do on your snow day that will make the most of it.


  1. Nothing

Do nothing. Sleep. It’s guilt free. If you have kids, distract them with an ipad and promises of snowmen in the afternoon. This is your time. Take it!

*shhhh kids*

“We’re playing our special game of “you stay in your bed and I’ll stay in mine” and the first one who gets up, loses!”



2. Take pictures of the snow and put them on Social Media


There will be no other people in Cork who will be taking pictures of the snow and putting them on social media. You should be a thought leader and break this ground.  


3. Go bread hunting


With Snowmageddon causing everyone to freak out and apparently forget that they could simply MAKE bread, the shelves have been cleared out and bakers are in the money. The UN are apparently making a fly-by bread drop over Fitzgerald’s park today at 3pm, if anyone can make it out that far in these conditions.




4. Harass some wildlife at The Lough


If you are within walking distance of The Lough and the footpaths are sufficiently gritted, why not take a trip to the Lough and harass some wildlife like we did?

5. Tea

Make it. Make all of it. This is how your ancestors survived the winters of yore. It is exactly the same situation. Albeit without the central heating, running water, electric stove and internet, but…pretty close.


The weather outside is….frightful?


6. Take some videos of the snow and put it on social media


This is another thing that other people will never think of. Don’t forget your hashtags #beastfromtheeast and #dyjaho!


Be safe everyone!