If you’ve not being paying attention, let us catch you up: the robots are going to kill us all. Let us elaborate: this week Boston Dynamics released a video of a new feature of their dog-like type robot, MiniSpot, opening a door and letting its buddy out. MiniSpot can instinctively turn the handle, put it’s leg out to keep the door open and allow its buddy through the doorway.



For any of you who are a little apprehensive about the hostile takeover, you’re not alone. Space X’s founder, CEO and lead designer Elon Musk expressed his concern over the fast approaching AI revolution as he asserted that “AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilisation” at the US National Governors Association summer meeting.

The development of AI is important for everyone to pay attention to, aside from the doomsday existential threat that they pose to you and all human life *breathes*

But also due to the use of AI technology in everyday life, which will become more and more prominent as time goes. Facebook is certainly looking to expand into the AI sphere as it recently attempted to create chatbots that negotiate with each other. However, things got a little weird in the Facebook experiment when the bots began to lie and even make up their own language. As time goes on and the technology becomes more advanced (if we are still alive) marketers will be integrating such technology into their strategies. And this is a whole new world to delve into.


For now, we have to wait to see what happens with AI technology, and its application, as it is still within the Genesis stages of production. In the meantime here are some really cool but terrifying AI developments to feast your eyes on.


Boston Dynamics’s Atlas Leaps along like a pro


Robots look at themselves and learn their body’s movements


Teaching AI to learn at Google

Suggestions for a fail safe now being considered!