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With one of the most important dates of the year has just past (Tax Rebate Day, obviously) we thought it would be a good idea to put some local and national dates together for businesses looking to populate their yearly content calendar.

Now, ‘Tax Rebate Day’ may not be strikingly important to companies other than accountants and finance based businesses, but just because the connection isn’t glaringly obvious to you, doesn’t mean you cannot include it.


For example, if you’re a bar/restaurant looking to attract some customers during this downturn period in the hospitality industry, you could think up of some eye catching creative such as below.



So here are four national and local dates that we think you should include in your upcoming content calendar:


4th March: Cork French Film Festival


French Film Festival is approaching its 22nd year in 2018 and continues to go from strength to strength with films being showcased around the city in the Gate Cinema, Saint Finbarr’s Cathedral, and Ballymaloe house.

It’s important for brands to be in touch with events ongoing in their local town or city and the French Film Festival is definitely one to put in the books.

French film festival


Oh la la…Le Fromage! Je m’appelle Claude!


March 16th: England vs Ireland


This rugby clash, depending on your audience, is a big event in the Irish calendar. The fixture falls on roughly the same date year in, year out, and 2018 is no different. For hospitality venues especially Friday the 16th of March, despite the result, will be a busy night as it is the day before St Patrick’s Day. Plan a reactive piece of marketing around the match, factoring in both possible outcomes and you could have a viral hit on your hands! We saw the effects of this planning late in 2017 when Dyjaho posted a video of Alf Stewart congratulating Cork City FC on their historic win.

rugby meme


April 1st: Easter and April’s Fools


This year’s Easter Sunday falls on April’s Fools Day! Plan your jokes or puns now, talking about Jesus faking his death to get out of paying the bill for dinner on the Friday night.


bro jesus


If brands are clever, they will have planned ahead and seen this date crossover in the calendar. If not, marketing managers everywhere will be shaking their heads in shame once the memes start rolling in on Easter morning.


May 5th: Ed Sheeran


Probably one of the biggest events to hit Cork in the last 10 years, Ed Sheeran will play sold out shows as flocks of scrambling teenagers and adults from all over the country, will descend on the city centre to see him. Can you organise an Ed Sheeran karaoke day? Can you get your hands on some tickets to do a competition? Get creative. Do a Ed Sheeran tribute, is there someone musical in your company who can do a great cover?


The options are endless!


What other dates have you included in your calendar? Is there any secret festivals or events that are important to your audience?