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It seems like an odd thing to say in 2018 and something a lot of people never thought would be ‘a thing’, but it appears that Irish is making a comeback. We see Irish making an appearance every now and again in different formats such as  “The Guard’ or the very famous advert for Carlsberg. The language has been used in the past as a sort of inside joke for Irish people but now it seems that the language is taking centre stage and speakers are using its popularity to unapologetically promote its use in everyday life.


Carlsberg irish ad


Although the numbers of daily users of the language is technically on the decline, its use is more popular than ever (even taking into account the usual begrudgers that hang out on the Irish Times comments section)

In the Bliain Na Gaeilge, Gaeilge is getting a lot of attention, so the use of the language in a meaningful way can help brands to up their appeal.


Here are some examples of Gaelic in full swing around the Emerald Isle.



Belfast duo ‘Kneecap’ hit the music and media scene with a bang in early January when their Irish rap song ‘Cearta’ made headlines. RTÉ unwittingly showed that they really don’t understand human behaviour very well, when they decided to ban the song from the national Irish language radio station ‘Radio na Gaeltachta’ due to its ‘controversial’ lyrics. The duo defended the song, asserting that the song is satirical. The ban caused people everywhere to check it out to see what the big deal was (duh) and a petition soon emerged calling on the national broadcaster to play it. Speakers and non-speakers alike took to social media to express their delight at both the song and the Irish element, as people were exposed to Irish in the form of rap for the first time. And here’s the takeaway for marketers-it’s quirky, it’s unique and it’s novel. A must for any PR or marketing campaign.


cearta knee cap



Frustrated Irish speakers Osgur Ó Ciardha and Peadar Ó Caomhánaigh  created a new trend in Dublin in 2017 when they invented the ‘Pop up Gaeltacht’. These unique events saw hundreds of people popping in to pubs around Dublin to try out their cupla focal. The organisers were delighted that Irish events such as this had such a great turn out and demonstrated to them and businesses alike that there is real benefit to hosting Irish events.


pop up Gaeltacht


2018 is Bliain na Gaeilge as was announced by Leo Varadkar in December and companies have jumped on the initiative such as Tayto’s ‘malaí tayto dhátheangacha’.

The Bliain na Gaelige 2018 facebook page is promoting a product every month that embraces the concept which seems to be a real hit with Irish people and people interested in Irish culture and language.





Would you jump on this trend in 2018? You might have to brush up on your sheanfocals!