We’ve all been there. As a marketer, a business owner, event organiser or someone simply trying to build brand awareness via social media, we’ve all been at a point where we feel we’ve created an amazing video, or written an excellent and informative blog, or designed an image that should win an award…….. But no-one sees it.

Facebook’s dwindling organic reach (the amount of users that see your content without it being sponsored or promoted) makes it so much harder to cut through, to be seen. Facebook say that the average individual user could be served up to 1500 pieces of content per day, however actually see about 300. This is because Facebook have an algorithm that decides what you see and don’t see. Its purpose is to give the user a more valuable Facebook experience, and to be served content that Facebook feels is right for them. A simple example;

John is a Manchester United fan. He likes the clubs Facebook page, and a bunch of associated fan pages. He reads news stories about his team, he watches videos of them on Facebook, he comments under videos that players have posted, he frequently checks other football related accounts to see what’s going on.

Facebook knows all of this, it can see John’s movements. So naturally, Facebook will serve more relevant content towards John based on his likes, ie; soccer, Man Utd, football news, videos, updates etc. This is true for everyone, and it’s the algorithm that makes this decision on what you do and don’t see.

So with all that being said, there’s been 2 recent updates that you need to know about.

For Videos, Intent and Repeat Viewership Matter

We know the importance of video on Facebook and how effective it is as a marketing tool. However, you need to be posting video that people will WANT to watch.

Facebook released a News Feed Algorithm update in mid-December which will give preference to videos which people are proactively searching for, and returning to Facebook to watch.

This is broken out into two factors:

  • Intent – If people are going out of their way to find your video content through searching on Facebook or going directly to your page, your videos will receive greater distribution and will reach more people.


  • Repeat Viewership – If people are watching videos from the same publisher frequently, that publisher’s videos will get preference in the News Feed making it easier for new people to discover that content.

So what is the learning here? Don’t make video for the sake of it. If you want to get value out of your investment in social video, especially on Facebook, make content that people will want to watch and will come back to view more than once, or perhaps create episodic content to boost repeat viewership of your subsequent posts – consistency is key!


Engagement-Bait posts will disappear

You see them all the time; “Tag a friend..” “Click like..” “Comment with an emoji..” “Share with the one friend that will get this…” etc

Less people will see these posts as in a recent news feed update, Facebook declared it would devalue these engagement-bait posts. According to Social Media Today, Facebook’s taking this change seriously, and has even created a machine learning model that can detect distinct types of Engagement Bait. This will be used to further punish people or pages who repeatedly use engagement bait in their posts.

The below are the type of posts that, will still get you some reach and interaction, but probably less that you’re used to.

  • Tag Baiting – Asking people to tag their friends.
  • Comment Baiting – Asking people to comment with specific answers (words, numbers, phrases, or emojis).
  • Vote Baiting – Asking people to vote using reactions, comments, sharing, or other means of representing a vote.
  • React Baiting – Asking people to react to the post (includes like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry).
  • Share Baiting –  Asking people to share the post with their friends.

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Hat/Tip: Social Media Today