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Instagram can be a bit of a landmine for any newbies to the platform. However, with the continued growth in users (which now stands at over 800 millions in 2017) and user generated content on Instagram, it is a must channel for many industries.


Users on Instagram Graph
Instagram user growth from January 2013 to September 2017

Instagram is a highly visual platform and users categorise their content using the hashtag system. Think of Instagram like a search engine and hashtags as category indicators.




Now, if someone is looking, you have to ask yourself, how exactly you want to be found? And this is where your hashtag strategy comes in.


So here are three simple tips to make yourself more visible on instagram to boost your brand’s online presence.


  1. Find out what hashtags are popular for your business


Other that the industry type, do some digging and find out what hashtags are popular for your type of business. For example, if it’s food, what type of food? Are there any special ingredients? Instagram allows you up to 30 hashtags, but in and around 10 is generally sufficient, so you can list different tags starting with a broader umbrella of terms until you work your way down to the specifics of the post in question.


Sol beer cocktail


  1. Hashtag your location

As yet, instagram doesn’t have a multi hashtag filter system. Meaning you can only categorise your search one tag at a time. Many times people will often hashtag their location so you can easily see what is going on in your area throughout a wide spectrum of activity.


Ireland Filter Instagram

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  1. Geo-tag your instagram story

Instagram has added a new story feature whereby you can geotag your location so that you can add your post to a larger ‘story’.


Dyjaho Instagram story


How is your hashtag game?

You can find more tips in how to use hashtags here