When it comes to social media, hitting the mark is harder than it looks and missing it is substantially easier. Sometimes the use of social media can be an extraordinarily beneficial thing and other times; disastrous, especially if the company or brand allows the conversation to get out of hand or if they never had control of it in the first place.


We wanted to look at the ways social media worked well and worked against brands in 2017, so we’ve been in contact with the Claus man himself to see who he has on his naughty and nice list this Christmas and he’s come up with some very interesting names.


Naughty list:

Let’s start off with the good stuff, or the bad stuff as the case may be.


The Trump Land mine:

Getting political as a brand can be really risky. Politics, especially those in America today, is a deeply personal and nuanced subject. Therefore, brands picking sides and deciding to get vocal on the subject, are risking walking into a marketing and PR landmine.

McDonald’s experienced major backlash in March of this year when this tweet surfaced on their Twitter account:

trump tweet


The tweet was removed and McDonald’s issued an apology blaming a disgruntled employee, but not before the hashtag #boycottmcdonalds began trending on the platform. Perhaps not too good for a company who has a wide following from every walk of life.


RTE Secret Producer:

Things were not good for RTE this year as a ‘secret producer’ (a twitter based whistleblower) set up an account and proceeded to blast RTE, let the public in on trade secrets, the alleged corruption within RTE itself and leak previously unknown gossip about and within the organisation. This has done terrible damage to RTE’s reputation and trustworthiness.




Naughty RTE, very naughty. Only coal for you this year.


James Damore:


Google accounts for 33% of the global digital market share and is not without its problems.

Mo’ money, mo’ problems after all.


James Damore is a symptom of something bigger within the Google franchise, who have been criticized heavily for censorship in recent months. If you haven’t heard of James Damore, he was fired in a flurry of activity after his memo entitled ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber’ discussing the biological differences between men and women and how they might affect representations in STEM fields. The memo offered suggestions in how Google might play on these differences to maximise performance for both men and women and criticised Google’s apparent suppression of alternative viewpoints.


In a seriously ironic twist, Damore was fired without explanation for circulating this memo after it caught external media attention. However, Google was unable to control the narrative surrounding this controversy due to extensive social media networks sharing this piece of news.


Bad behaviour, won’t get you presents from Santa, or a good reputation on Twitter.


Nice List:


McGregor v Mayweather:

Although not necessarily nice boys, the McGregor/Mayweather bout earlier this year sure did give us a masterclass is building hype. Using social media McGregor and Mayweather added fuel to the fire using their instagram and Facebook accounts. Fans went wild and spent months arguing in the comments section about a fight that really shouldn’t have had a question mark over it in the first place.


Conor McGregor


Millions of people tuned in to watch McGregor be defeated by Mayweather in the 10th round, which was hyped to be the biggest fight in combat sporting history.


Nice for Mayweather, nice for McGregor.

Gold for Christmas.


Aer Lingus:


Keeping it Irish in the nice list (we are Saints and Scholars after all) Aer Lingus put some beautiful creative together for the 6 Nations campaign on social media. Tapping into the national feeling of Irish pride, Aer Lingus launched some simple videos online to great reaction and engagement:


Aerlingus Social Media Video




Definite warm and fuzzies from these videos.

Gold star.

Dyjaho and Alf Stewart:


Not being biased or anything like that (what, us?!) but this piece of reactive marketing makes us pretty proud. After Cork City FC made history this year by winning the Airtricity League in October, Dyjaho contacted everyone’s favourite Aussie and filmed a congratulations, all the way from Summer Bay.


dyjaho-alf Stewart-Social Media



Definitely a highlight of 2017 for us and soccer fans all over the country.

What social media campaigns stood out for you this year?


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