Social Media insights and results

We’ve all seen the notifications from Facebook telling us that a post is performing better than recent posts, prompting us to boost it to reach a bigger audience. There’s a few options that Facebook will give you in order to do this, however the ‘choose your own audience’ option is sometimes known to frighten people off as they’re not quite sure who to target, at what time and for how long. But with a little research you can figure all this out at the click of a button and reach people not yet familiar with your business.


Facebook tells you to go straight to the post that you want to boost and enter an audience and budget from there. However, you can use the Facebook insights here to narrow down your audience for targeting before you spend a penny.

Let’s examine some real life Facebook insights of a Cork celebrity.


Meet Sarah. Sarah is a dog, she likes socks and she has her own Facebook page. Sarah is going to show you how she boosts her posts to reach a more targeted audience.


  1. Log onto your Facebook page and locate the insights tab
A dog's Facebook insights
Facebook insights for Dogs

We want to initially find out who we should be targeting.


  1. Click on the insights tab and select ‘people’ to find out the data on your audience.

facebook insights

We can see that Sarah’s followers are mainly 18-34 year olds and majority women, living in Cork, Dublin and Kilkenny.


(Sarah says she already knew that and didn’t need some fancy insights tab to tell her)

Alright Sarah, calm down girl.


  1. Find the post that you want to promote and click on ‘boost’ to unveil the targeting menu.

A dog dressed up a Yoda


4. Choose ‘People you choose through targeting’ option. This allows you to specify who sees your post and in what locations. Other options here are ‘people who like your page’ and ‘people who like your page and their friends’.


boosting posts on Facebook


For Sarah, she wants to reach 18-34 year olds, both men and women, in three locations.


  1. Edit your target selections to reflect your current audience demographics in order to  optimise your post.


  1. Add a button to direct people to your website (there are several options available) and add your budget and duration (you can choose your own budget and duration if you want)


duration and budget options on Facebook boosting

  1. Select ‘Boost’ and you’re away!  


Now for a walk.

Have you tried to boost posts on Facebook? What have your results been?