Cork City Soccer players celebrate

When it comes to marketing strategies, reactive marketing can be a difficult nut to crack. There are many nuanced and time sensitive elements involved, and one wrong step could mean the difference between a viral hit and a non-starter.

So, what is reactive marketing? Dyjaho’s Head of Content, Simon Murdoch, describes it as ‘real time content creation reacting to current, in the moment events’.

To pull this off successfully, a company needs to know their brand’s voice very well, and be ready to move on any opportunities that might present themselves, in a genuine and engaging way.



Alf Stewart’s Congratulations to Cork City FC

Inspiration comes in many different ways and forms. This week, inspiration led us to produce a snappy 11 second video to congratulate Cork City FC on being crowned champions of the Airtricity League, after a long 12 years wait. The video blew up. 


So why did Alf Stewart congratulating Cork City FC become such a successful post?

Thinking of the reactive marketing formula: Top of mind Event + Compelling/Relevant Spin = Story worth sharing

Top of mind event: A historical win for Cork City FC.

Compelling spin: An unexpected and novel message from a popular cultural character (Hey, celeb endorsements work! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?)

Story Worth Sharing: Home And Away’s Alf sends congratulations to Cork City FC

The combination of a relevant and significant local event, a timely response just a couple of hours after the event (which was key), and from a character many people specifically in Ireland have a nostalgic connection to (who else used to doss off college to watch Alf having a barney with everyone?…STREWTH!), made for a winning combination.

It has now been viewed over 80,000 times (Facebook and Twitter combined), reached over 150,000 people and shared over 700 times, and counting. On top of this, a number of major media outlets picked up on the video including RTE,, The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner and The Irish Sun. 


Not bad for a little marketing agency from Cork, eh?

Here are some top-class case studies of when reactive marketing produce hugely rewarding results:

Super Oreo!

During the 2013 Superbowl, an electrical mishap meant that the stadium was plunged into darkness for nearly 30 minutes after the halftime show. Oreo seized on the opportunity. As everyone took to social media to ask what was going on, they produced this instant classic on the spot:

This simple, quick-witted and timely tweet was eventually re-tweeted over 15,000 times and received over a thousand comments.

Railed as ‘The Holy Grail’ of reactive marketing, Oreo ticked all the boxes: Perfect timing, perfect message and widely shared. Touchdown Oreo!



In November 2013, Toyota capitalised on the ‘Mood of a Nation’.  Ireland prepared to claim their first ever win over the Kiwis, with two minutes to go, and a score of 22-17. We would lose the game at the last minute and disbelief formed a heavy cloud over the country. Toyota successfully captured the building elation as the country assuredly edged towards victory (We have it lads! We have it!) until it was coldly snatched away by the All Blacks with seconds to go, leading to crushing defeat.



Toyota’s line ‘No longer available in All black’ resonated with fans’ feelings of bitterness at the loss, while still producing an ad that was humorous and light-hearted but most importantly, widely shareable on social media, resulting in successful brand messaging for Toyota. The company was able to produce a clever, reactive piece of advertising within moments of the final whistle, positioning their brand top of mind while the event in question was still fresh.


Off-the-cuff, instant posts are not always possible. But if you did want to dip your toe into a bit of reactive marketing, here’s our top tips:

Sometimes isolating opportunities and preparation can produce very effective reactive marketing campaigns, but the most important component to success is creative mind and a strong message that resonates with the relevant audience.

What to remember:

  1. Keep a pulse on what’s coming up by listing out upcoming events (long and short term)
  2. Brainstorm ideas ahead of time – is it a sporting event? Why not prep for the 3 possible outcomes, and push the relevant one out after the fact.

But ultimately it’s about having your ears and eyes wide open, and always looking for the opportunity for creativity.

Good luck!