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Mark Zuckerberg’s juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! Despite the global uptake on new social platforms and updates to existing ones, Facebook remains one of the most powerful tools for brands and companies to engage and connect with their target market. A ridiculous number of businesses worldwide have a Facebook page – over 65 million.

In order to drive real engagement using Facebook, effective tactics include posting compelling visuals, being clever about your post frequency and timing, asking fans questions, running competitions etc.

Ask yourself, is your content valuable to your audience. What does the user get from your content? How does it relate TO THEM? How does it make them feel?

If you need some inspiration to help with your own Facebook marketing then check out these 4 brands who are nailing it right now.

Paddy Power

The bookmakers social reach is astounding, and on Facebook alone they have over 1.5 million followers. They have obviously invested heavily in their marketing team and have a squad of social-savvy digital marketers who pump out brilliant content daily.

One thing you rarely see on Paddy Power’s Facebook page is content about betting. Yes, they are a betting shop, but their social content is all based around lad-humour, fun and having a bit of craic. They slag, they take the p*ss, and they share the views and sentiment of their largely young and male audience. They are extremely witty, and brilliant and real time marketing – ie reacting to events happening RIGHT NOW.

They share hilarious video content, sketches, meme’s and other visuals that make their audience react in their thousands. I’m not a big gambler, I might head to the bookies for the odd bet on Cheltenham or the Grand National. When I do, I’m always drawn to Paddy Power. I wonder why?

Paddy Power is proof that it’s not about the Hard Sell on Facebook. It’s about CONTENT that your audience loves. Paddy Power’s social channels could essentially be described as a comedy channel. This isn’t applicable to every brand, we know that. But what is applicable is seeing your Facebook page as a publisher of content, not a wall of ads.

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Red Bull

Red Bull’s social marketing success is based on publishing amazing extreme sports content. This works because people can’t get enough of watching compelling videos!

Red Bull’s Facebook Page contains a huge amount of incredible sports videos, including motorbike stunts, cliff jumping, sailing, taekwondo etc. Maybe you’ve been to one of the cliff diving events in ireland recently?

All of the videos are incredibly well produced, feature excellent backing music and showcase amazing feats of human endurance and skill. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Red Bull’s videos generate insane amounts of shares, likes and comments.

However, Red Bull’s content isn’t only about entertaining people – it also educates. Because most people viewing the Red Bull Facebook Page are physically active themselves, the brand also posts informative how-to guides and list posts which enable people to maximize their workouts and improve their physical condition. via


National Geographic

It shouldn’t really surprise anyone that an organisation who have produced some of the most amazing, jaw dropping and most interesting documentaries of all time also create stunning visuals and share epic videos via Facebook.

National Geographic’s followers are environmentally conscious and curious about nature. They share content about deep sea creatures, endangered species, climate change and environmental destruction. These sort of posts receive crazy high engagement!

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