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Image porn. Yep that’s where we’re going with this….. don’t X out just yet… it’s not what you think!

Social media is built on visuals. Your marketing and advertising needs to include incredibly appetizing, enticing, tempting, alluring, attractive images of your product or brand! Certain industries such as fashion, retail and food certainly lend themselves towards “image porn”..  – towards these visuals that jump off the screen. 

But great visuals – whether in video or image form – shouldn’t be limited to these industries. Think of your brand or products you sell… can you make them look sexy? Of course you can.

Facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat – they all offer various filters to help enhance the look of photos you take on your phone. And while smartphone cameras are decent quality, think to yourself, might it be worth investing in a high quality camera that would make your visuals stand out from your competitors? The most followed Instagram accounts, the ones known for great images, all post incredibly high quality and stand out photos… you can do the same.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 17.16.42

Some of the worlds biggest brands rely on their customers to supply great imagery, we touched on this on our user generated content blog a couple weeks back – take a look at Go Pro’s Instagram account (here), its all HQ images, send it by customers, and users of their product.

When it comes to food porn, there are so many accounts out there posting mouth watering images that jump off the screen.. and make you want to lick the screen! Look at the latest Marks and Spencers TV and online campaign, the videos they use are super tasty looking, honestly you’ll want to go to your local marks straight away after seeing it… watch here: [youtube]

Other tips include putting these great images of your products in locations they would never normally be found… or how can you place your brand or product in a way that reflects a recent news, or sports event…. would this stand out to your followers, as something a little quirky?

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 17.17.31

Smart phones are great, high quality cameras a better – go and buy one.. even better, hire a photographer! But work within your budget, and make those images leap off the screen.

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