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Marketing is more like dating than advertising.  Does that seem like a strange thing to say?  

Gone are the days where a business could buy a slot on tv, put an advertisement in a magazine and consider that a successful campaign.  The demographic has changed.  One study reveals that people see between 4,000 – 10,000 ads every day!  Every. Single. Day.   

Back in the day, (long before my time) there weren’t as many businesses vying for attention, so this type of advertising worked.  Today, the climate has changed.  Not only have we become immune to advertisements, but customers now expect an experience.   Likened far more to a relationship, than walking past the right billboard.

Know your Customer

Have you ever gone on a date, or even chatted to somebody at an event, and all they did was talk about themselves and how great they are?  Contrast that with a time you’ve met somebody and they expressed a genuine interest in you, your conversation was natural and your mutual passions fueled your new connection.  Old marketing vs. new marketing in living colour.  Take time to get to know your customer.  Make it more about them, less about you.

Don’t come on too strong

Nobody likes a hard sell.  There’s a great saying ‘Everybody likes to buy, nobody likes to be sold to’.  

They’ll check you out online

Are blind dates even a thing anymore?  In today’s world they may scope you out online before you even know they exist!  If you’ve piqued their interest, you better believe they’re checking you out online.  This is even more true for businesses.  People like to do research, to read online about your offerings, read what other people are saying, see how you portray yourself and how you connect with people.  Which leads to our next point…

Look your best!

If they’re checking you out online, make sure to have a strong profile.  A clean, easy to use, and informative website, a strong social media presence that resonates… just make sure to deliver on your promises!  Don’t be that guy who looks nothing like his photos!

Delight and Surprise them

Zappos is probably one of the best examples of this… stellar, above-the-top customer service has blown away many a Zappos customer – getting customers talking, journalists writing and even talk-show hosts calling in to test, and then rave about – the unbelievably good experience.  Zappos has done things like overnighting shoes to a best man who forgot to pack his pair so he wouldn’t be shoeless at the wedding…for free!  Sent flowers to a woman whose feet were hurting from harsh medical treatments and paid all the tolls on the Massachusetts turnpike one Christmas.  Underpromise, overdeliver.  Customers aren’t used to this and you’re bound to win them over!