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Finding it hard to pin point why your social media posts aren’t having the impact they may have once had?

Wondering to yourself why you’re investing time into your social, and not getting the sort of reach and engagement you’d like?

Maybe you are failing to see the exact return on your social investment, be it time, budget on social ad’s, or perhaps a salry you pay to have your social community managed.


Relax. We’ve all gone through this. The social world changes all the time. New updates. New algorithms. New influencers. New features. It’s quick, it’s still new and it’s revolutionising how we approach marketing and advertising.

Look at the recent updates from Facebook for example. Augmented Reality in the palm of your hands and new ways . Read more and see how their amazing new camera effects platform works here. 

Maybe now it’s time for an audit of your social media. Are your followers engaging with your content? Are you publishing the content that is not only selling your brand but is also content geared and tailored to work specifically on social media? Have you tried social media ads, if so, have they worked? A social media audit can help you measure the impact of your social media strategy.

Auditing all aspects of your social media marketing efforts to get a complete overview of how you’re doing. .Look at traditional metrics such as engagement and clicks, and factors that are sometimes overlooked, like user sentiment, response times, and the ways in which your followers are engaging with you.

Firstly, we would recommend a look at your ‘overall numbers’. Likes, followers, posts engagements (shares/comments/reactions/RTs etc), mentions, reach on posts, video views (Live & upload)


On Facebook and twitter, their own insights on the native platforms are great for investigating these numbers. There are third-party analytics programs and websites that can really help here too, especially when making comparisons to your competitors.

Next, let’s look and your current audience demographics & interests.

Look at the gender, ages and location of your online audience. Is this your target market? Does this match who you need to be targeting. If not, why not? Is the content on your pages in line with the interests and social content your target market interact with? If you sell ladies shoes aimed at women in their 20s, then you probably don’t want 60% of your online audience being men aged 45-60.

On to the next step  – What’s the sentiment towards your online brand? Do users love your content? Does it connect on a personal or emotional level? When you post, are people positive? Are you on top of all mentions of your brand on Facebook and twitter? If there is negativity towards your brand and content, why is this? There are clever ways of ‘social listening’……


Next on your social audit, you need to analyse the content your sharing across the various platforms – ie, is your content style similar on Facebook as it is on Twitter? Is your approach to customer service the same on Facebook as it is on Instagram? Is your brand twitter profile actually a personal account tweeting about the latest football results? This isn’t a brilliant idea, but easily remedied!

Finally, look at your budget and importantly, your ROI.

Calculating total ROI from social media is difficult, especially when you’re looking at purely social ROI instead of financial ROI. To deal with this part of your audit, dig out your records and look at how much you’re spending on social media. Costs can include, Ad spend, Consultant or agency fees, Third-party analytics and management tools, tools and software to create images, employees who help with your social media efforts, Professional photographers and/or equipment to take photos and videos.

Compare your costs and results – how many leads and sales is your social garnering for you?


Can you see the benefits from producing great online content and reaching the right people on social?

Tip: Run a video on your Facebook page this week. Nothing fancy, perhaps show off your newest product, have a chat with an employee about which product they sell is their favourite, or maybe get an influencer or blogger to appear. At the start of the video and in the text, let viewers know that there’s a 25% discount code at the end of the video.

Afterwards, see how many leads or sales a 3/4/5 minute video on Facebook generated for you!
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