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Zuckerburg loves taking your money doesn’t he? I mean, he really loves it. And now he’s found a new way of doing it.

To be fair to Mr Z and Facebook, their ability to help you market your product or brand to a specific audience and deliver such precise insights is pretty special. If your target audience are social savvy and news feed addicts, then using Facebook and Instagram ads is a no-brainer.


We’ve seen in recent times the development of Facebook messenger and its eventual move to a stand alone app. With so many new features added it has almost become a stand alone social media platform. If we required any proof of this, it’s now possible to advertise on Messenger.

Recent stats show that ONE BILLION people communicate, chat, flirt, arrange meetings, set up groups, play games, take pics, record videos, add filters and so much more within the app. So in November, Facebook announced Messenger Ads.

The app’s popularity makes Facebook Messenger a good place to buy ads, connect with prospects, and talk to customers – and so far, we know that open rates/consumption are particularly high.

Users feel an emotional connection to a brand when they communicate via Facebook. If your Facebook policy is one of bright, engaging and relevant content (which it should be!!) then users will already feel a familiarity with your brand. A connection.


When selecting placements of your Facebook ad, you can now select ‘Messenger’ as your platform. There are then 2 types of ad – a sponsored message, or a destination ad. When you send someone a sponsored message, it appears in their Facebook Messenger inbox. You can target these just like you would in a normal Facebook ad (by gender, age, location and more targetted options also)

Like a regular ad, a destination ad appears in the news feed and can display a video, carousel, or image. When someone clicks the ad, a message to your Facebook page opens in Facebook Messenger and you can begin a conversation.

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